Poetry as Prayer

I’ve always been very interested in the idea of writing poetry as an act of prayer or as a spiritual praxis. What is your favorite book, article, quote, or other resource touching on this? Here’s one of my many favorites…


Rejection Slips

I found a stash of rejections slips from my first attempt at being a poet in the mid-80s to early 90s. I’d like to share the ones from @NimrodJournal, @BPJTweets, and The Threepenny Review  instead of actually writing tonight.

I kind of miss those days. The wait times were longer and simultaneous submissions weren’t the norm, but responses only arrived once a day. There was also a visceral sense of accomplishment available when you looked at your pile of rejection slips that just can’t be duplicated with email and Submittable.

I don’t think I ever tried Nimrod again.

Presses vs. Journals

Is it just me, or is waiting to hear from presses about a chapbook submission completely different than waiting to hear from journals about a submission of a packet of individual poems?

Saints Layered Like Leaves

My poem from the September Ghost City Review was originally called “Presence.” Fortunately, a very perceptive workshop friend pointed out I was overlooking a better title that was right in front of me.

In its defense, this is where “Presence” (the title not the poem) came from:

“Catholicism is a culture of sacred presence. Relics of saints (pieces of their bodies or objects touched to their bodies); water, soil, or other matter associated with sites of miraculous events; statues, images and crucifixes are all media of presence.”

~Robert Orsi